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Aspire India Scholars Programme

About Us

Welcome to Aspire India Scholars Programme (AISP)-2020.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) administration had initially decided to postpone AISP 2020 to Winter break in 2020. However, after reviewing the unfolding situation, the University administration thinks that it will be also risky to host the 2 weeks on-campus programme for high school students even during winter break in 2020. Hence, we will host the Aspire India Scholars Programme for high school students again in 2021.

JGU has successfully turned all existing college level degree programmes online due to the COVID-19 situation and lockdown. We have also received QS I-GUAGE E-LEAD CERTIFICATE for Excellence in E-Learning and academic digitization. But, this is an emergency response in the context of the COVID-19 lockdown. Hosting the AISP for high school students does not make any sense, since children are already burdened with online teaching from their respective schools. It also does not serve the purpose to JGU to offer students experience of being in a 2-week residential college campus for college-level teaching and learning experience with our faculty.

Program Name Eligibility Dates
Aspire India Scholars Program Students who are currently enrolled in class 9, 10, 11, and 12 in any school in India are eligible to apply 2021 dates of the AISP will be announced in due course

What you’ll have in two weeks, is a unique opportunity to learn new things, have fun, make friends, and in the process embark on a great voyage of self-discovery. What interests me? What are the opportunities available out there? How do I take on this highly exciting future? This programme will try and help you find answers to these and many other such questions. So, get prepared for a very exciting journey!

Our Vision

Our aim to develop young leaders who are equipped to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world and play leading roles in public life. Through a range of educational and capacity building activities, this programme reaches out to students, young professionals, and educational leaders in India and abroad.

Aspire India Scholars Programme

The AISP provides high school students with a globally oriented academic engagement designed to prepare them for the critical transition to higher education, which can help build satisfying careers and meaningful lives. In addition to academic instruction in eight major fields, and the chance to participate in a variety of creative pursuits and outdoor activities, participants will receive counselling, mentoring with respect to higher education, and career planning that includes aptitude-testing, individual career counselling, and sessions on strategising for success.


Prepare students for the critical transition from high school to higher education.

Prepare students for the highly competitive admission process for higher education, nationally and globally.

Exposure to interdisciplinary curriculum to meet the skills and knowledge requirements of the 21 st century.

Individual mentoring to empower students to realise their interests and potential.

Empower students to make informed choices about their higher educational pursuits and career prospects.

Opportunity to meet, interact and learn from “Aspire India Ambassadors”- young achievers from different professional fields, acclaimed nationally and globally.

International Collaborations

JGU has built robust collaborations with leading global universities, research organisations and think-tanks in many countries with the objective of providing a seamless environment beyond national boundaries for teaching, learning, and research.

JGU has established international collaborations with over 200 universities and higher education institutions in 50 countries.These collaborations have taken one or more of the following 10 different forms:

  • Faculty Exchange/ Visiting Scholars
  • International Student Exchanges
  • Study Abroad Programmes
  • Dual Degree Programmes
  • Summer and Winter Schools
  • Joint Teaching
  • Joint Research Collaborations
  • Joint Conferences/ Seminars
  • Joint Publications
  • Joint Executive Education Programmes

Each year around 30 international students from 20 countries choose to study with us.

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