Programme – Aspire India Scholars Programme


Hansraj Model School, New Delhi

Raunak Chopra

Business Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship was a super interesting module. We learnt about various levels of business organizations. My favourite was the group activity. It was super fun and it came out to be a productive activity, as it helped us to understand all the theory we were studying by making us experience it. Prof. Asim Talukdar and Prof. Manisha Mishra were very friendly. It was fun learning.

Oakridge International School, Hyderabad

Tejaswini Vondivillum

As a science student I didn’t really think a subject like law would capture my interest. But, with a well- versed Professor like Mr. Aditya Swarup, the classes we had were entertaining and made me reconsider my thoughts on a lot of social issues. I enjoyed his class activities, especially the one where we had to express our views on a specific issue like death penalty, beef-ban etc. I think those were engaging and brought out the debating and analytical skills I was sure I never had. On the whole, I gained a lot of knowledge on various aspects as far as the social history and moral values of law are concerned.

Fountainhead School, Surat

Vedika Ajay Agarwal

In the Media & Communications module we were taught about journalism and Bollywood. We were also made aware of how globalisation affected Bollywood, as movies were being shot in foreign locations and how they were more effective to people’s imagination and built a connection with NRI’s. Then we learnt about advertising and all these classes were pretty interesting and it was well connected with business and it teaches how it will help make a business a well-established one.

Pathways School, Noida

Sanskriti Rastogi

I had always assumed International relations to be a subject where my interest level would be below minus. The topic we discussed was realism and liberalism, and it turned out to be quite interesting. Therefore, I have developed interest in international relations. I was interested in the case study we had for extensive discussion- i.e. Cuban missiles crises. Being an ex- IGCSE History student it was enthralling to be mindful of some shocking revelations regarding the case study through a documentary. Therefore, I am very excited to explore more in the same field as I have chosen International Relations as my module choice.

Suguna Pip School, Coimbatore

Ajay Rajnikanth

In the module on Economy, Public Policy & Development, we were introduced to the idea of inequality through the eyes of economics. We also learnt about the National Income and the NFYA (net factor income from abroad). We also learnt that according to standard economics theory people should be compensated according to their productivity. But, when people carry out Rent seeking activities there is no productivity and thus those who own property grow rich faster compared to those who don’t, thus resulting in Income Inequality. Then we discussed whether Inequality was necessary for the country.

Pathways School, Noida

Aakriti Tiwari

The Module on Liberal arts & Humanities was possibly one of the best in the programme. I truly enjoyed all the teaching interactions, which allowed us to look at all kinds of supposedly “bizarre” questions, such as “what makes a man masculine?” and “is being homosexual biological or simply due to conditioning?” We also studied aspects of popular culture, including Bollywood and it became absolutely exciting. In one of the classes, we also examined Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech, which was extremely inspiring.