The Global Library aims to play a proactive and important role in the teaching learning process. Approximately 10000 square feet of area has been provided for development of the Library in T-2 Block of Academic Building. The Library has a collection of about 52, 000 print volumes and an array of electronic resources, including access to over 2.2 lakh e-books. The print collection includes books, monographs, research reports, law reports, and back volumes of periodicals etc. In addition to the professional reading the library provides a good amount of leisure reading and books for soft skills development. All subjects related to the University’s academic and research programmes have been included in the collection. Print resources of the Library have been divided into General Collection, and Reference Collection.

General Collection includes professional texts, course related books and monographs on all disciplines. Reference Collection comprises a comprehensive collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, handbooks, legislations; subordinate legislations, case law digests, multi-volume treatises on specialized subjects.

The library is also developing a core collection of media resources comprising of documentaries, training films, fiction, music, etc. A separate collection of children has been started recently for the young residents of the Campus.

Reading Room

Global Library provides a variety of reading space within and outside the library, with an aggregate seating capacity of over 500. Global Reading Room is largest reading facility open 24 hours, and personal books can also be used there. Access to Global Reading Room is available from both T-1 and T-3 side, except between 12 midnight to 8.30 am. Reading space in the main library remains open during library hours, but provides additional advantage of easy access to the library collection. Generally, personal books are not allowed to be used in the main library. Almost all hostels also provide reading rooms for their respective residents. Hostel Reading Rooms are managed by the hostel administration.

Health Centre

The campus Health Centre operates on round the clock basis and caters to the students, faculty members and staff. The Health Centre comprises of 15 medical professionals including 4 Doctors, 9 Nursing staff, 3 Physiotherapists. The Health Centre also offers counselling services to the students through two counsellors.

The Health Centre has separate wards for male and female, minor OT, ICU, physiotherapy treatment rooms, counselling rooms and pharmacy. To handle emergencies, two ambulances are available in the Health Centre on round the clock basis. JGU has tied up with all major hospitals in Sonipat for referral cases and specialist treatment. Helpline No.: +91 8930110722


JGU has employed Washex Hospitality Solutions as the sole and integrated laundry service provider on the campus. The campus services include washing, drying and pressing. Laundry facility is available to all students.

Courier Service

A courier service is also available in the campus. The Courier Desk is located at the Reception area. The representatives of the DTDC courier agency, Blue Dart and India Post would be available to provide the services.

Student Common Room

The students’ common rooms are located in academic block, T2, Ground Floor and different blocks of the University Halls of Residence. There are indoor sports facilities such as snooker table, pool table, soccer table, Table Tennis and many other board games. The common rooms are equipped with the big state of the art projection screen for playing movie shows, presentation, music, etc. The common rooms are manned by one attendant round-the-clock for any assistance.

Bank and ATM

There is an ICICI Bank outlet with an ATM machine inside the Campus to cater to the needs of students and faculty members. HDFC Bank has set up an ATM machine on campus which is situated on ground floor, T2 – underneath Admissions Office. YES Bank has also set up an ATM machine on campus near student housing complex. RBL Bank has installed an ATM in the T1 Dinning Hall.

Sports Facility

Sports and fitness activities are an integral component of this university. Under the supervision of qualified coaches, the students engage in regular practice sessions in order to fulfill their aspirations of wearing university colors/jerseys. The evening practice sessions under flood lights creates a kind of ambience and feeling that has no substitute. Special emphasis is given on improving not only wellness component and lifestyle of students but also to instill in them the qualities of team cohesion and sportsman-spirit.


The campus is guarded by well-trained security guards including lady guards equipped with communication sets at gates and in hostel blocks. Night patrolling is done by armed guards. A strong perimeter wall along with security lights adds to the safety of the campus habitants. The campus remains under observation through CCTV cameras positioned at strategic points round-the-clock. Any unauthorized entry/exit is monitored by dedicated CCTV control room.